Strengthening the relationship with United States of America

The Chairman of Coconut Development Authority, Mr. Keerthi Sri Weerasinghe warmly welcomed the Economic Chief of the US Embassy Mr. Phillip Loosli and the NSB Economic officer Charlotte Volpe on the 16th of November 2021 at 2.00 p.m at the Head Office of the Coconut Development Authority.

The objective of the meeting was to strengthen the relationship between the two countries through export opportunities and increase the importation of the US market.

The Chairman gave a brief introduction on the coconut industry and explained and various coconut products manufactured in Sri Lanka and introduced the new dedicated export zone for coconut based products in Hambanthota. Mr. Keerthi Weerasinghe invited Mr. Phillip Loosli to visit the zone and inspect for future potential investments.

The meeting was successful, Mr. Phillip Loosli was happy to continue the discussion on how to strengthen and stabilise the economy with export opportunities from the US, which will mutually benefit both countries.

Both officers are looking forward to having a long standing relationship between the two countries as well as in person.

Mr. Weerasinghe with the Chief Economic of the US Embassy, Mr. Phillip Loosli and NSB Economic officer, Charlotte Volpe.


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