SANASA Life Insurance Partners with the SLAF Rugby Team for the Second Consecutive Season

A champion of sporting excellence, Sanasa Insurance is honored to partner with the Sri Lanka Air Force Rugby Team for the 2024 season.

In continuing support towards the sport of rugby, this is the second consecutive collaboration with the SLAF Rugby Team. A ‘perfect match’ uniting the world of sport and life insurance, both built on teamwork, resilience, and essentially safeguarding what truly matters.

Mr. Kiriwandeniya Managing Director of Sanasa Life Insurance emphasizes Sanasa’s commitment to rugby, recognizing the value of such sporting events.”We’re honored to be part of the rugby community, and we look forward to future collaborations,” says Mr. Kiriwandeniya.

The rough and tumble nature of the game can be risky at times. And Sanasa Insurance encapsulates its ethic and value for life at work and play, protecting you and your loved ones with unwavering strength. At SANASA, we’re committed to supporting the Sri Lanka Air Force Rugby players, their sporting spirit as well as their well-being both on and off the field.

Good times ahead, rugby play that resonates with the winning theme of Sanasa Insurance! Together, we’ll witness incredible plays, unwavering determination, as we unite as a nation in this series of enthralling encounters.

With unwavering support, we cheer the SLAF Rugby team and wish them all the very best as they represent the spirit of Sri Lanka through their passion and sportsmanship.