House of Braahtii International Artisans Collaboration Platform comes to Sri Lanka

House of Braahtii, the mother company of Shaan-e-Pakistan started in 2006 and the Creative Director, Huma Nasr for both the companies aims to escalate culture tourism through fashion and crafts. She works with Pakistan local artisans and also International, hence bringing all cultures together to cherish and aim campaigns TOGETHER WE GROW.

House of Braahtii is a parent company of Shaan-e-Pakistan and has done major events in the International Arena taking hundreds of people to different countries and the International world and escalating them on the international platforms.

This campaign aims oneness and creating brand collaboration also working with artisans and crafters to create her own brand House of Braahtii by giving opportunities to local and international artisans and amalgamation of hand work and inspiration from the world specially Pakistan, India, Turkey, Bangladesh, Lebanon and Sri Lanka to be the top as Huma Nasr aimed to do an expo with best International Designers, Fashionistas, Food and Musician but due to Covid, the event was shelved. With her aggressive passionate drive and comeback, she created some great cause to escalate the great TOGETHER WE GROW campaign. Hence doing in Pakistan and now entered the Territory of Sri Lanka as she thinks to expand her vision to connect likewise the community and target audience who loves Pakistan fashion. We want to share the best pieces of House of Braahtii in Sri Lanka so we may cherish and encourage more and more craftsmen from Sri Lanka to Pakistan and Pakistan to Sri Lanka by exchange of fashion and improvise trade between both countries and hence increase economy and culture and tourism.

As Huma Nasr says,
“Only Fashion is the Key and textile and sustainable fashion movement transcend between each country and we may support each other as countries and build community through our fair share as individuals”.

House of Braahtii being an International Brand came up with it’s latest collection HUZOOR GEE. After a successful business venture in the USA, now she is showcasing in Sri Lanka, Colombo for the outreach to the clients for the Festive Season and creates Brides and Pret collection to show and sell. Huma Nasr creative direction justifies the Fashion by diversity and bringing the Ghararas, Jamawar, Bridal, Mehndi Mayun suits, and Indo fusion cuts also to be showcased and as her culture collaboration love of fashion.

She created Serong, the National Dress of Sri Lanka in her own way and designs and material from Pakistan so foreigners and also local Sri Lankan can enjoy and experience some fashion exchange and also fashion designers to introduce new era and may we have a chance to interexchange our fashion and there’s apparently growing together. We also invite Sri Lanka Designers to Pakistan so we may cherish each other’s culture through Fashion and Textiles. Not just this, she also has an eye to work with best jewelry artisans and she has her limited edition series to showcase and create opportunity to buy as travelling logistics has been difficult so she thinks these kind of minimalist quality fashion events and exhibition can keep our industries alive and we may not just exchange our design but also interexchange our visions and create international opportunities. We also may extend highest regards to the culture minister and tourism industry of both countries and we as individuals can be proud to be Pakistani and also honour Sri Lanka as our friends and likely to do more such activities in future.

Huma nasr at the end also would extend thanks to all supporters, sponsors and collaborators who believe in the same vision and support the International Brand. We may also soon re-announce our event PROMISING SHAAN-E-PAKISTAN SRILANKA MARCH 2022 which was supposed to be held in 2020. Our movement of spreading Art, Fashion, Music, Food and cherishing ideology and promoting culture and tourism is what Huma Nasr aims to do. PAKISTAN SRI LANKA FRIENDSHIP ZINDABAD.