SLIM “National Sales Awards 2023” sets the stage to recognize and up-skill top sales professionals

The prestigious National Sales Awards 2023 (NSA 2023), organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), is now open for corporates to benchmark their sales force against the best of the best in Sri Lanka. Applications for NSA 2023 are open from 27th July to 24th of August and jury process will be commenced on 2nd of September. The event concludes with a grand finale in late October 2023. NSA 2023 recognizes and rewards high-performing sales professionals across different industry categories with the aim of attaining sales excellence and promoting sales professionalism in Sri Lanka.

The sales play a vital role in modern corporate environments as organizations seek new customers and market opportunities, especially against the backdrop of challenges arising out of the economic crisis. Participating in the NSA 2023 awards provides national-level recognition for the efforts and achievements of sales personnel, motivating them to achieve greater heights in their careers. Moreover, attending the event enables sales professionals to learn from industry experts, network with peers and gain valuable insights to enhance their sales capabilities.

The National Sales Awards 2023 event is structured with several categories for different levels of sales professionals, including Front-Liners, Sales Executives, Territory Managers, Regional Sales Managers, and National Sales Managers. These awards include a trophy and a certificate. In addition, all nominees, unless disqualified, receive a certificate of participation. Each category undergoes a judging process, involving interviews and presentations. In an inclusive move in NSA 2023, any subcategory that receives a minimum of 15 applications and the participation of a minimum of three companies will be considered a main category and winners will be selected separately, which will enable more sectors to participate.

‘Sri Lanka Sales Force’ campaign has been launched along with NSA 2023 to highlight the pivotal role it plays as the driving force of the Sri Lankan economy. Sales activities encompass a diverse range of nature and levels, from individual vendors creatively merchandising fruits on the roadside to top-tier sales professionals engaging with high-net-worth clients and corporate entities. Through the release of the ‘Sales Anthem’, the campaign aims to emphasize and celebrate the commendable achievements of salespeople.

Elaborating on the importance of a motivated sales team, Chinthaka Perera, President-SLIM stated “Unleashing the potential of a motivated sales team for success would lead to embracing Sri Lanka’s challenging economy”

“The National Sales Award is one of the main events of SLIM’s calendar, evolving over 22 years. With anticipation, we aim to achieve new heights and conclude a successful event,” said Gayan Perera, Vice President – SLIM.

“In modern corporate environments, the sales role is crucial for driving growth and sustaining businesses. Recognizing and awarding sales forces raises professionalism and boosts morale, becoming a valued HR practice for many” said Gayan Wijethilaka, Project Chairman – SLIM National Sales Awards 2023.

“In the last few decades, customers have learned how to access a pool of information. With this change Long-standing sales strategies have become obsolete. In this current scenario, sales professionals need to apply modern sales methods. Its time sales professional’s possess critical characteristics to excel in this advanced scenarios.” said Dr. Sanjeewa Samarasinghe, Head of Jury –SLIM National Sales Awards 2023.
Further commenting on the event, Sanath Senanayake, Chief Executive Officer, Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing, stated “The National Sales Awards by SLIM (Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing) is a prestigious event that celebrates excellence and outstanding achievements in the field of sales and marketing. Held annually, this awards ceremony recognizes individuals, teams, and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional skills, innovation, and dedication in driving sales success. The awards showcase the best practices, strategies, and techniques that have contributed to remarkable sales growth and customer engagement across various industries”.

This year as an added advantage, the participants will be able to follow a course of study on sales and training on concessionary rates which will be conducted by SLIM to support them in their role. Companies who send in nominations will receive a Rs.12,000/- discount per participant if they choose to register for the National Diploma in Sales Management at SLIM. These exclusive discount coupons can be utilized by any nominated employee within the organization.

NSA’s current sector categories are Alcohol & Tobacco, Automotive, Corporate Sales, Consumer Durables & Electronics, Agriculture, Banking, Financial service providers, FMCG – Food, FMCG – Beverages, FMCG – Cosmetics & Others, Fashion and Clothing, Industrial, Manufacturing & Energy, Insurance – General, Insurance – Life, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Shops & Showrooms (Chains & standalone), Media, Modern Trade, Telecommunication and Other Industries.

O707 258 258, a hotline number has been introduced for easy connectivity via call and WhatsApp. All relevant information, including the Entry form, can be obtained through the WhatsApp catalogue, via below QR code. Further information can be found by contacting Ms. Gangani Liyanage (Assistant Manager-Events) at 070 326 6988 or Mr. Dilshan Chamara (Intern at SLIM) at 070 1922623 for further details.