Sanasa Life Insurance company PLC accredited with great place to work

“Great Place To Work Certification is a gold standard that can be earned by continuously working towards recognizing and encouraging people for what they are doing, appreciating their efforts, and acknowledging their successes.

Therefore, it is with great pride and Honour we at Sanasa Life Insurance Company PLC announces that we have earned the Certification by Great Place to Work for 2024 by the authority on workplace culture, employee experience, Employee satisfaction, Employee benefits and effective leadership.

This certification was directed through an independent company assessment based entirely on employes’ feedback about their workplace experiences and have made the progress in making our work place and work culture to make the employee feel satisfied and risk free environment with work life balance.

Sanasa Life Insurance Company PLC being one of the Competitors within the Insurance Industry had a very steady growth within the industry reaching the seventh position in terms of GWP in the Industry ranking while Building the company culture with a strong sense of belonging which was focused and is equally important to our growth and success as Insurance services we provide to our customers,” said Shaliya Silva, Assistant General Manager Training and Development. “We as Sanasa Life Insurance Company PLC are thrilled to be named a Great Place to Work Certified Company and keep on sustaining our commitment to foster a grate work environment where our team members both Permanent and Non-Permanent experience a meaningful work and development within the Organization.

With the recent Climate survey and the certification survey conducted on employee satisfaction and a high-trust culture, more than 85 percent of the staff has recorded that they trust the management, self-driven culture with making difference at work.

We as a service oriented organization was committed in transferring the Company values through our product and services to the customers and guided our employees continuously to drive the operations while creating a cultural framework for self-driven individuals to deliver for their customers every day which is in progress at present to improve the service levels while recording 100% employee satisfaction and customers rating the service we deliver as “excellent.”

As he believes and trust that the company’s Board of Directors with the corporate management initiatives and decisions taken during the past on all employee benefits such as Employee pension Scheme even been a private sector organization, employee career progression, Annual Increment structures, Bonus payout Structures, Flexible working arrangements, Local and overseas training exposures and employee work life balance have made the present employees to rate the organization in leading the organization to obtain the prestigious certification as Great Place To Work.

Also with this certification we are committed to deliver market best service through employee retention, and increased innovation to the industry while making the employees believe that they are part of an organization that believes in celebrating new and better ways of doing things while positively growing in the organization and endorsing their organization to family and friends.