Uber Eats offers an array of industry-first app features for restaurant partners

Uber Eats today announced a host of industry-first features for restaurant partners designed to help them increase their visibility, and to serve a wider community of eaters. Recognising the impact of the pandemic, these features are also designed to help restaurant partners get better data and insights to make more informed decisions.

Exclusive features provided to restaurant partners through the Uber Eats platform include:

Restaurant Manager Portal: This portal provides restaurant partners an overview of their performance. Control over menus, access to payment reports, sales, order volumes, ticket sizes, top-selling items and even feedback can be accessed via the portal. Restaurant partners can also select date ranges to see how these metrics have performed. In addition to showcasing areas for improvement, partners also have access to various forms of analytics.

Safety Feature: A dedicated COVID-19 Safety Centre in the ‘Account’ section of the Uber Eats app has been introduced with information on how to protect communities and limit the spread of the virus. Restaurant partners have the option to fill a Safety & Hygiene Verification Form, verifying they abide by WHO guidelines. This enables a tag that says “Has verified that safety guidelines are followed.”

Instagram ‘Order Now’ Button & Stickers: Uber Eats has integrated the platform with Instagram. Restaurants now have the option to add ‘Order Food’ buttons on Instagram profiles and ‘Order Food’ stickers in Instagram stories. Restaurant partners can also showcase their Instagram pictures on their Uber Eats restaurant page.

Eats Offers for Restaurants and Stores: ‘Eats Offers’ allows restaurants to launch promotions on the Uber Eats app at their convenience. Partners are able to set up promotions such as ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offers, discounts on specific items and more.

Restaurant Rewards Programme: In addition to ‘Eats Offers’, the ‘Restaurant Rewards’ programme allows partners to choose reward structures, which increase customer loyalty and order frequency. The structures are designed so that consumers have to order/spend a certain amount over time to unlock a reward set by the restaurant.

Speaking about the unique features, Bhavna Dadlani, Lead, Uber Eats Sri Lanka said, “Restaurant partners are key allies, and we constantly work to help them further their interests through insights on their business offered within the app. This is along with the crucial advantage of having visibility on a global delivery platform.”

Some of the other features offered to restaurant partners include a ‘Restaurant Dashboard’ where they can select how they would like to receive and manage orders, a ‘photography’ feature where Uber Eats facilities a professional team to help them with their food pictures, and ‘flexible payment frequencies’, where restaurants can choose to receive payments on either daily or weekly basis.

In addition, Uber Eats also provides a support hotline for restaurant partners. The provision of these features stands as a testament to the organization’s commitment to furthering interests of restaurant partners across Sri Lanka.

Uber Eats continues to work towards providing flexible income opportunities to scores of Sri Lankans and contributing to the economy. With the global expertise of technology and innovation, Uber Eats will continue to elevate the industry standards of online food delivery in Sri Lanka.


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