Wickramarachchi Opticians goes “ZEISS” in brand new vision center

J.M.Wickramarachchi & Co the leading supplier of advanced medical equipment in Sri Lanka, takes an innovative touch with the German brand manufacturer of optical systems and optoelectronics, “ZEISS”, making a revolutionary turn in the build of eyewear and lens technology. The brand new center of ZEISS was launched on the 10th of November in Colombo – 7, at the Baptist Chapel road (opposite to Odel) in their new and modish five-story vision base, bringing a contemporary and advanced experience with high-tech lenses along with ultra-modern ophthalmology solutions for customers.

J.M. Wickramarachchi & Co, being the outstanding provider of electromedical equipment, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, lens solutions, audiology, and hearing aids across Sri Lanka since 1976, is the main benefactor to continuously uplift the professional standards of eye care and hearing care industry of Sri Lanka, ensuring the trust of millions of Sri Lankans with their favorable and trustful service for generations.

The company’s intentions remain still, as to continuously expand and widen its services, to provide their customers with top grade solutions to justify its part as the most leading medical equipment and service provider of the island.

ZEISS, being the leading manufacturer of international precisions optics, offers a wide range of up-to-date solutions with vision lenses, sunglasses, and cleaning solutions, to cover up most of the present-day complications and issues relating to eye health.

“Keep pace, whatever your age” ZEISS points up how different age decades require different support and needs for one’s eyes. As we grow older, how our eyes tend to change their anatomical and physiological structure requiring special care and attention during certain decades of age, and how ZEISS solves all visual needs in relation to one’s age, and one’s daily tasks and routine, as a person’s unique lifestyle can have a huge impact on their visual behavior.

“ See better and look better” ZEISS has been top and thriving in yielding first-rate lenses that facilitate cleaning, prevent reflections, and protect, with choices of premium, standard and blue light protective coatings. ZEISS provides its wide range of solutions for eye health in its entirety, such as Digital lenses for digital usage to get shut of eyestrain that rather comes unnoticed. Drivesafe glasses, specially designed lens portfolio for night riding that are adequate for all weather conditions. Office lens portfolio for a better grip with glasses for work and leisure that can prevent bad posture due to leaning towards your working screen. Sunglass lenses for optimum security from harmful UV rays with the latest designs and improved color. Sports lenses that shield your eyes from dust and the sun, and lastly the all-new Energizeme glasses for contact lens wearers in order to refresh the eyes after contact lens time.

By providing more upgraded services for common eye issues of all, J.M Wickramarachchi & Co, promotes itself once again, justifying the promise of a progressive and facilitative company of eye and hearing care, offering a more reliable and up-to-date service for their customers to keep their eye health secure and intact.


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