Nissan’ Green Mission for South Asia Unveiled on World Environment Day 2021

Nissan celebrated this year’s World Environment Day in unique fashion with a virtual session for Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka markets on making electric mobility more accessible in South Asian markets to create a more sustainable green future. During the session Nissan representatives emphasized their commitment to introduce economically and environmentally sustainable mobility solutions to South Asian markets as demonstrated by Nissan’s new zero-emission LEAF EV which is just being launched in South Asia.

Globally, Nissan LEAF vehicles have driven more than 2.5bn cumulative kilometres since their launch in 2010, resulting in a total amount of 1.2m tons of CO2 reduction (the equivalent of 90m trees).

During the session, Nissan’s engineering experts illustrated the new vehicle’s suitability for conditions in South Asian markets while being both economical and environment friendly. The zero-emission Nissan LEAF EV is the embodiment of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the automotive company’s approach to changing the way cars are driven, powered and integrated into society. It can go from zero to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds, while reaching a top speed of 140 km/h. It also has one of the quietest cabins and comes with a very low running cost compared to ICE engine (by almost five times).

Sinan Ozkok, President, Nissan India Operations, said: “We are pleased by recent developments in Sri Lanka that are moving the country closer to carbon neutrality. In keeping with the government’s forward-thinking policies to support electric transportation, Nissan expects to debut the zero-emission Nissan LEAF EV in Sri Lanka through our partner AMW in the near future. At Nissan, our vision for the future of mobility is fuelled by our mission to enrich people’s lives by providing communities with access to vehicles with low environmental impact. The introduction of the zero-emission Nissan LEAF in South Asian markets reflects our commitment to support the efforts of these governments, as they work toward achieving their clean energy goals.”

Peter Mackenzie, Managing Director of AMW – Sri Lanka, said: “AMW has been the proud representative for Nissan in Sri Lanka for decades. The launch of the new Nissan zero-emission LEAF EV marks another point of pride for us in this journey as we lead the way towards a carbon neutral nation. As the Sri Lankan government strides towards sustainability with renewable energy projects and promotion of electric transportation, at AMW, it’s our sincere hope that the new Nissan LEAF EV will be pivotal in the progress’’

Raghunath Nair, Head Exports – CBU & South Asia Business Unit, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd., said: “Bringing the Nissan LEAF EV to South Asia is a high point in our efforts to enlighten and educate communities on the benefits of EV adoption. In aligning with these governments’ vision for a more sustainable future, we are empowering communities to make decisions that reduce our global carbon footprint by bringing them the right technology with the greatest performance and zero emissions. As we support these countries’ transition into a greener tomorrow, we are driven by our shared mission of moving toward a more connected, sustainable, and resilient world.”

Charging the Nissan LEAF is easy and convenient as owners are provided with multiple charging options. The Nissan LEAF can be fully powered up in 8 to 10 hours at home through a Wall mounted charger(L2) supplied with the Vehicle. Owners can also go to quick charging stations and power up their Nissan LEAF to a full charge in as fast as 40 to 60 minutes.


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