Deshakthi E-Solutions crowned as the Most Environmentally Friendly Business of the Year

Deshakthi E-Solutions, a leading waste recycling company in Sri Lanka, recently won the award for the most environmentally friendly business of the year at the Business World International Awards organized by Business World International Organization (BWIO). Established in 2007, Deshakthi E-Solutions started by collecting and selling plastics, polyethene, cardboard and paper to recyclers. Since then, the company has expanded its operations to collect polythene waste from factories and recycle it into various products such as garbage bags, tulip bags, bags used for agriculture and shopping and polythene products ranging from one to 48 inches.

Deshakthi E-Solutions factory situated in Dankotuwa recycles approximately 3,000 kilos of polythene daily and employs over 75 people. Through its recycling efforts, the company has helped save a significant amount of foreign currency that Sri Lanka would have spent on importing polythene. Moreover, Deshakthi E-Solutions also contributes indirectly to the country’s exports by providing its products to many exporters. “Entrepreneurship has helped us overcome many obstacles. We started by collecting waste, but with the importation of machinery from China, we began recycling and production. I am grateful to our staff, suppliers and the Peoples Bank branch at Dankotuwa for driving our success.” Lasantha Sampath Silva, Proprietor of Deshakthi E-Solutions stated commenting on the award. By recycling polythene waste and producing various products from it, Deshakthi E-Solutions has made significant contributions to the protection of the environment. Winning the BWIO award for the most environmentally friendly business of the year is a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness.