Classic Travel Celebrates A Successful Marketing Campaign With Singapore Tourism Board

Lanka’s leading travel solutions provider, Classic Travel, is proud to announce the successful completion of a three-month integrated digital marketing campaign carried out jointly with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Classic Travel is the only Sri Lankan travel agent to collaborate with STB on a marketing effort.

The collaborative partnership with STB was formed to promote tourism with attractively priced holiday products aimed at encouraging Singapore as a travel-safe destination. This is part of Classic Travel’s ongoing efforts to kickstart tourism recovery. Offering in-depth insights into destination Singapore, Classic Travel worked closely with STB to help align marketing efforts to optimize tourism in Singapore with exclusive itinerates curated especially for the Sri Lankan traveller, including the creation of engagement and awareness of Singapore’s quarantine free travel under Sri Lanka-Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) for fully vaccinated travelleres from Sri Lanka.

On this partnership, Shiham Imamudeen, CEO, Classic Travel, said: “We are extremely pleased to have partnered with Singapore Tourism Board to strengthen all ongoing efforts to revive the tourism and travel sector again. Singapore, with its top-class facilities and unique tourism offerings has always been a sought-after destination by Sri Lankans. As one of Sri Lanka’s longstanding travel agencies, Classic Travel is proud to be Sri Lanka’s first and only travel agency to partner with STB on a joint marketing campaign to promote and position Singapore as a compelling destination of choice for Sri Lankan travellers.”

A central plank of Classic Travel’s marketing campaign was to prompt activities set to inspire, engage and promote Singapore as an attractive tourism destination. Classic Travel’s marketing strategy included featuring the Singapore destination as a spotlight on its website landing page with comprehensive information and updates on Singapore and special promotions. Another element of the travel team’s work was to promote Singapore as a multifaceted destination of choice and Classic Travel engaged in a strong informational campaign to educate Sri Lankan travellers through various mediums which included blogs highlighting the top picks of Singapore, travel advice and guides, games and competitions, user-generated content through Tik Tok and Instagram as well as several influencer campaigns.

“It has been an incredibly unique experience strategizing this campaign. We worked closely with our Digital Partner for this campaign Arona Digital and the STB team in planning and executing our efforts. Through a series of curated content, our campaign allowed Sri Lankan travellers to experience the vibrant and dynamic Singapore from afar. With the creation of the landing page and several rewarding giveaways, the campaign successfully concluded with over 1 million+ reach, 3.5+ million impressions, 100+ inquires and multiple conversions in progress. This success is a testament to how good planning, strategizing and thorough execution can be the most rewarding” shares Zafrana Nafees, Head of Marketing, Classic Travel on the achievements of the campaign.

“We applaud Classic Travel for its foresight and pro-activeness in rolling out a successful campaign even when travel restrictions were not as conducive in early 2022. The campaign was well timed ahead of several progressive measures to facilitate safe resumption of travel by further simplifying testing regimes for travellers on VTL. With effect from 1 April 2022, vaccinated travellers from Sri Lanka may take any flight to Singapore and no longer need to apply for entry approval via the Vaccinated Travel Pass. Apart from the mandatory PCR or professionally admistered ART to be taken within 2 days prior to departing from Sri Lanka, no other test is required post arriving in Singapore. These are optimistic steps in welcoming back travellers to Singapore,” said Mr. Raymond Lim, Area Director of India and South Asia, Singapore Tourism Board


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