Bringing Back Linen – Will by Zac

Will by Zac is a sustainable clothing line located at 419, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo – 3. The family-run linen brand proudly advocates the slow living movement to help preserve our planet for future generations. With the fashion industry being a massive contributor to climate change, ‘Will by Zac’ has ensured to stand by their core value of respect for both people and the planet. By creating clothing that they are eco-conscious in every segment of their business and ensuring that their business contributes to the local workforce and the economy.

Launching in November 2019, a major part of their lifespan has been through the pandemic, which has been a tough time for everyone. Starting a business at the time, was especially challenging due to their entire operation coming to a temporary standstill. Nevertheless, their vision and mission for the brand along with their sustainable practices pulled them through, eventually gaining success due to their hard work and dedication.

Jennifer Von Hagt – Founder of ‘Will by Zac

The founder of ‘Will by Zac’, Jennifer Von Hagt said, “I feel really blessed. There have been gloomier days for the brand in the last two years than good, yet we have been through it all, as we didn’t want to give up. Despite all the obstacles with COVID, the lockdowns and the general uncertainty, we are here today. Now, with the brand turning two, I am amazed to see how the brand is growing and, I am just so thankful to God.”

Choosing linen and linen-cotton fabrics as the material of their choice was an entirely eco-conscious decision, but also proved to be highly advantageous as it was suitable for Sri Lankan weather being very breathable and highly absorbent. This means that it can be worn in both warmer and cooler seasons. Moreover, natural fabrics always trump synthetic ones in environmental impact and quality, as natural fabrics always last longer and age better. The linen gets softer and more comfortable with each wash.

‘Will by Zac’ uses fabrics to create pieces that are unique to the person wearing them. Clothing that is elegant and sophisticated, all while being suitable for a multitude of occasions.” Jennifer said, “We wanted to keep the timeless elegance in linen, that minimalistic look while also still being dressy.” In Sri Lanka, linen is not thought of as something luxurious, which is why Will by Zac has ensured that their clothes will also work as evening statement pieces. Jennifer emphasises, “Linen is the perfect choice for your everyday wear and your evening functions. Looking stylish and elegant and yet being better to the planet.”

Their clothes are all about inspiring people to be confident in their skin; while offering comfortable yet stylish clothing. They have ranges of clothing for women and men. Will By Zac is a place where you can shop for all of your fashion needs. They have an overall aesthetic of simplicity, creating minimalistic designs matched with a distinctive colour palette and design for everyone.

You can follow Will by Zac on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with their latest designs, and make purchases at their physical store located at 419 R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo – 3 or order online via their website


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