Angie Cruise Video Productions signs MOU with Blockverse

Angie Cruise Video Productions (ACVP) has signed an MOU with Blockverse Pvt Ltd (BPL) recently. The agreement between the two digital content producers allows for increased content sharing and media development programs. Both organizations will benefit from this MOU to produce improved digital media content for their clients. “This is an important moment for ACVP and BPL to cement the significant relationship and express our shared values. ACVP is happy to build on the spirit of friendship and collaboration and, in particular, to learn from BPL as we establish our digital media content creation program.” ACVP founder Ms. Angie Cruise stated. “The BPL is committed to working with ACVP, and to learn from each other as both organizations seek to better serve our clients with great content.” BPL Managing Director Mr. K. S. C. Kalupahana stated.

Angie Cruise is a Sri Lanka television personality, video director and a human rights activist. She founded ACVP in 2017 and currently manages video content creation requirements of both government and private sector organizations. In addition, ACVP has supported video content development of BPL over the last 5 years, working with its local and foreign clients, advising on video productions and editing. Blockverse Pvt Ltd is a leading digital transformation and marketing company in Sri Lanka. BPL is specialized in digital media advertising and social media content creation. BPL operates its foreign offices in India and Australia. BPL has its own media content creation studio in Colombo, Sri Lanka. ACVP will be working together with BPL, sharing knowledge and experience to increase the quality of digital productions and provide necessary guidance to the video production team to produce creative content. Social media content creation of BPL will be directly supervised by the ACVP team. Under the MOU, BPL will play a key role in sourcing new projects, while ACVP will ensure the delivery of creative content as per the project requirements.