Amami brand expands its operations under a new logo

Ranyan Industries Pvt Ltd, the company that pioneered production and supply of locally manufactured amenity kits to the burgeoning leisure and hospitality industry, recently launched their new logo for their popular Amami brand. Nurtured from its inception in 1980 by its founder Chairman Ranil de Silva, Ranyan Industries today is under the active direction and guidance of its Executive Director Harshala de Silva, who is spear heading the re – branding exercise in carrying the Company to a higher plateau. Mr. Ranil de Silva, who has a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur has been a mentor, guide and coach to Harshala de Silva who now intends to lead the Company to greater heights after carefully navigating the Company through the dark times of the Covid Pandemic and subsequent Economic downturn both of which have stunted the growth of the Company during the past few years.

“We have always been overly optimistic about the Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka which keeps bouncing back no matter what you throw at it and such is the case even now as we see signs and clear indications of a rapid rebound of tourism within the next few years. Stability and good governance is the need of the hour in this current environment and tourism in this small Island Nation will grow on its own and contribute immensely to the economy as it has done in the past.” Mr. Ranil De Silva stated. The Amami product range has expanded exponentially from the manufacture of mere air fresheners at its birth to producing high quality, shampoos, shower gels, toothpastes, glycerin soaps, varied detergents, and a number of ayurvedic and herbal products which are now highly sought after by the leisure industry both locally and overseas.

“I have been a witness to the hard work my father contributed in developing the business. He is an ardent believer in the phrase ‘true success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’. From our humble beginnings of manufacturing and producing goods from a room at the rear of our house the company has steadily and firmly grown to be housed in its own 15,000/- square feet fully equipped factory at Kadawatha. With the knowledge and experience we have gathered during the past 30 years as result of the dedication and hard work of my father Ranil, my mother Dr. Priyani, my husband Johann and my brother Ranuka who continue to assist and guide me we were able sustain the company and ensure that none of the staff members, most of whom are women, lost their jobs during the negativities we faced during the past few years. My aim is to contribute positively to the betterment and advancement of the tourism industry.” Harshala de Silva said.