ALT X assigned by international SaaS startup Serviceform for brand strategy development

Altered Experience (ALT X), Sri Lanka’s award-winning digital, data, and design thinking partner for the connected age, has been selected to develop end-to-end brand strategy and complete brand marketing toolkit for Serviceform, the international Software as a Service (SaaS) startup.

Serviceform is one of the fastest growing marketing automation companies with offices in Finland, Spain, Sweden and Sri Lanka with expansion plans in UK, Italy and France next year. Founded in Finland in December 2017 by Iranthi Gomes and Jarkko Oksanen, Serviceform is a platform which engages, interacts with and leads its website visitors into qualified sales through conversations. The platform facilitates its services through online chatbots and dynamic forms which are automated conversations. Securing over 3 million euros in funding, Serviceform tools are applied and used by over 2,500 websites across the globe. The company’s 500+ clientele includes prominent brands from sectors such as real estate, insurance, e-commerce, travel and banking (amongst other categories). Serviceform also differentiates itself on a unique capability for customized solutions for clients.

Kabeer Rafaideen – Founding CEO of ALT X stated, “This is a significant milestone for ALT X as Serviceform is an exciting company that is making waves in the tech space as one of the fastest growing marketing automation companies in the world. We are excited to be working closely with Serviceform to develop their end-to-end brand strategy & toolkit. This partnership is further evidence of our growing standing in both the local and international arena and our ability to use the principles of design thinking to deliver solutions that create viable business results.”

ALT X decodes data driven insights to create transformational change. Using Design Thinking, the company develops a deeper understanding of clients’ audiences, challenging the norm and assumptions, reframing and redefining problems to identify strategies and solutions for businesses and delivering viable results. Specialising in the unique vertical for Sustainability based marketing and technology solutions (a capability bolstered by their group affiliation with The Climate and Conservation Consortium and The Sustainable Future Group), ALT X creates a diverse range of solutions that range from data visualizations, communications solutions, conceptualization and development of basic tools to AI and Data powered engines and interfaces.

CEO and Co-Founder of Serviceform is Sri Lankan-born and Finnish-based entrepreneur Iranthi Gomes who has made into ‘Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 Europe’ list in 2022. She stated, “As a Sri Lankan who co-founded a global tech company, I am proud to be able to team up with a Sri Lankan company that is making waves in their space. We required the services of a company that has the ability to think differently and the technical expertise to action it to our satisfaction. I am confident that ALT X will deliver outstanding results in our attempts to elevate the brand image of Serviceform.”

Jarkko Oksanen – CTO and Co-Founder of Serviceform commented, “Serviceform helps companies around the world generate more leads and automate customer support by automatically integrating the best tools into your website to help your customers get in touch. Operating from three offices, we have over 200+ customers around the world. Teaming up with ALT X to enhance our brand is the newest step in our journey to accelerate our marketing efforts globally. We look forward to working closely with the ALT X team in achieving these goals.”

ALT X has successfully delivered world-class solutions for clients and thereby won international acclaim. ALT X’s client portfolio includes brands such as Westinghouse, Traffi UK, Kodak, Ava Water in Saudi Arabia, Rainco Sri Lanka, AXIA UK, Elle & Eswaran Brothers.