EVA launches Sri Lanka’s first ever Sanitary napkin enhanced with new antibacterial layer

Eva, Sri Lanka’s leading sanitary napkin brand, recently launched their new and improved range of sanitary napkins enhanced with a Green Tea infused Antibacterial Layer to offer women a safe, odourless and infection-free experience during their menstrual period. The Antibacterial Layer is a first in the industry and heralds a revolutionary change in catering to the sanitary needs of the women in the country.

With billions of women and girls around the world of menstrual age, 75% will experience vaginal yeast, bacterial infections or period odour during their lifetime and these infections and odours can cause multiple health issues. The new Antibacterial Layer in Eva sanitary napkin products utilizes the latest in Anti-Microbial treatment technology to attract and kill microbes like bacteria and fungi. The Green Tea essence, rich in antioxidants, is infused into the Antibacterial Layer to help neutralize period odour.

Bonded into 6 layers of highly absorbent protection material with a deep channel liquid lock-in absorption system, a raised centre and a fast-absorbing top sheet, this new Antibacterial Layer with 100% improved absorbency will provide women the ultimate comfort and confidence for any activity.

For over 30 years, Eva has gained the trust of Sri Lankan women having offered only the very best of its products to the market. Eva is the undisputed market leader and a pioneer of many firsts in the sanitary napkin market of Sri Lanka including being the first to change the shape and form of sanitary napkins to fit the contours of the female body, the first to introduce sanitary pads with protective wings to prevent side leaks and bunching, the first to introduce a six-layered napkin for maximum absorption and leakage protection and now, the first to introduce an Antibacterial Layer infused with Green Tea essence for a safer and more hygienic & comfortable menstrual experience.


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